Above-ground tanks

The tanks are of the horizontal or vertical axis type, cylindrical, manufactured with convex bottoms and calendared sheet in carbon steel S 235 JR UNI EN 10025, assembled by arc welding process and treated with a layer of anti-rust and a layer of coloured finishing enamel; they are leak tested by pneumatic test. They are equipped with a containment basin with a volume equal to 110% of the geometric capacity of the tank. They are complete with 4 anchoring clamps, earthing connection, sleeve with drain plug, four housings suitable for mounting and securing the uprights of the protective canopy; all in compliance with Ministerial Decree of 22/11/2017.
They are also equipped with a delivery system that can be contained within a special metal cabinet or be made up of a fuel distributor. 
Available capacities: 490, 1.000, 1.300, 2.400, 3.000, 5.000, 6.000, 7.000 and 9.000 litres.


General characteristics:
Manhole ø 400 mm with bolted cover and gasket.
Locking nut with 3” quick-release connection.
Load limiting valve calibrated to 90% of the geometric capacity of the tank.
Vent with flame arresting net, height of 240 cm from the walking surface.
Level indicator visible externally.
Anti-rolling support feet.
Bottom drain for any periodic cleaning provided with safety cap.
External suction pipe, raised to allow suitable decanting of diesel fuel; suction is equipped with non-return valve and ball valve.
Connection point for earthing and equipotential bonding.
Starting from the 5,000L version, there are steps and a non-slip support surface.

Weather protection canopy, made with sturdy galvanized carbon steel frame and roof in self-supporting galvanized corrugated sheet. They are designed to be mounted and secured by bolts to the housings made in the containment basins.

Dispensing cabinet:
Powder coated metal cabinet with key lock.
Electrical panel contained in a special box with IP 55 protection degree complete with switch, emergency button and management of the “pump lock at minimum level”.
Self-priming vane electric pump with 50-70-90l min. capacity, built-in by-pass and line filter, connected to 230 V single-phase or 400 V three-phase AC motor. (also available in the version with manual pump).
Non-commercial meter with zeroable partial and progressive totalizer (exempted from metric verification according to Min. Circ. No. 67 of 25.7.96).
4m of antistatic rubber hose complete with automatic gun.

Applicable and combinable supply management and monitoring systems:
Complete and economic systems for the management of vehicle fleets in private parks dedicated to refuelling. Safe and reliable solutions for the automatic control of refuelling, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These systems can be combined with dispensing units equipped with a pulser version meter.



  • Manual for use and maintenance.
  • Type Conformity Declaration, accompanied by a copy of the Ministerial Approval.
  • CE Declaration of Conformity of the dispensing groups.
  • Final Testing Certificate.
  • Centimetric calibration table.

Approved according to law and Ministerial Decree of 31/7/34, Title I No. XVII, approved by the Ministry of the Interiors with Act No. DCPST/A7/3311/AT/09189 of 26/05/2016 and subsequent renewals and extensions.
Specifications may differ without notice based on the country of sale. Please check the product specifications with your reference Seller/Distributor. The colour of the product may be different from the one in the picture due to the colours and settings of the monitor used.