dispenser and accessories

We offer a wide range of dispenser and accessories for all types of tanks that we produce.

fuel dispenser

We offer three types of different dispensers so as to cover more user groups in the private distribution of diesel.

The basic version is a compact and lightweight distributor equipped with mechanical flow meters easy to use, can be installed directly to the wall or to an existing structure by means of anchoring screws or directly to the shaft.

The intermediate version instead consists of an autonomous column that allows a higher speed of supply and accuracy because the liter counter is inserted an electric pulse emitter, ideal for connection to external management systems.

The high-end version is also equipped with an electronic control unit (MC) that allows access to the supply only to qualified personnel and to the rational control of the deliveries made by recording and storing the quantities delivered per user. It is also possible to connect a printer for the emission of a ticket after each delivery and to print the total payments per user, it is equipped with a screen to view the delivery performed and the total payments per user. Finally, it is designed for ground mounting and is suitable for more severe applications.

leakage detection system

Electronic apparatus which detects the presence of water or diesel oil inside the cavity of the Monoblocco Trento tanks. This device can be mounted on our production tanks built from 1980 onwards. The probe is inserted through the inspection tube. The equipment from the visual and acoustic alarm signalling and a power supply light to the mains.

electronic level indicator

OCIO is an innovative system for the management of liquid level in atmospheric tanks. The system detects the static pressure generated by the height of the liquid by means of a tube introduced into the tank and displays the level of the liquid or the volume.
Main benefits of:
• Continuous measurement
• Indication of height, volume, and percentage of topping-up
• Minimum and maximum level alarms
• High precision
• Intuitive software installation procedure
• Easy to install


Metrical Rod

Simple metric rod centimeter for manual level control, with rod holder cap.

Adjustable Wells

Patented double cockpit system with adjustable-height driveway cover for private driveway areas (max. 3,5 T.).. It also has a variable inclination on all four sides with a maximum of 15% slope.

heating coils

vacuum system pellet


dispenser and accessories for
road TANKS, CIVIL tanks